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Research and development activity in Romania in the context of funding opportunities for the period 2021-2027

Opinion material by Adrian Coman, Senior Managing Associate, Reff & Asociatii | Deloitte…

Omnibus Directive - additional protection for consumers, increased sanctions for traders

Opinion material by Silvia Axinescu, Senior Managing Associate, Andreea Zaharia, Managing…

Employee training and review of internal procedures, important aspects in the protection of personal data

Opinion material by Sergiu Zaharia, Director, Cyber ​​Strategy Advisory, Deloitte Romania,…

Tax authorities' resolutions for 2022 - implications for taxpayers

Opinion material by Camelia Malahov, Director of Direct Taxes, Victoria Dobre, Senior…

Payment rescheduling, in simplified form - beneficial in case of temporary financial difficulties

Opinion material by Luiza Ionescu-Donoiu, Senior Managing Associate, Laura Epure (Spiridon),…


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Deloitte Romania and Reff & Associates assisted Chimcomplex in obtaining the EUR 90 million funding for refinancing existing loans and for investment

Finalizing this refinancing is a significant step for Chimcomplex

Rules on detaching of workers between EU states. What are the obligations of employers?

Opinion material by Gabriela Ilie, Managing Associate, and Ana-Maria Vlasceanu, Senior…

Order no. 6/2019 versus the new fiscal amnesty proposed by the Ministry of Public Finance

Opinion material by Cristi Secrieru, Partner, Adelina Raportaru, Managing Associate, and…

The differences between the Emergency Situation Certificate and the force majeure notice

Opinion material by Andreea Artenie, Partner, Mihnea Galgotiu – Sararu, Senior Managing…

Influence of the state of emergency on the legal relations and the development of civil processes

An opinion material by Ioana Georgescu-Muresanu, Senior Associate, and Mihnea Galgotiu–Sararu,…