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GfK study: Electro-IT market increases by over 3% in Q3 2019 Large and small appliances, sectors with double-digit growth

GfK TEMAX results for Romania, January - September 2019 and Q3 2019

Retail stores in Europe: The largest increase in 2019 in Romania and Lithuania

GfK study on the retail situation in 27 European countries

Forward through the slow-pacing economy

2012 was far from being a dull year for the Romanian trade sector. The…



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Increasing purchasing power and growing appetite for spending and consumption within the next 3-5 years

The majority of us are eager to pay for emotions and memories when buying…


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Global sales of smartphones have reached $ 522 billion in 2018

With a market share of 44%, smartphones, mobile phones and wearables are still the…

Romanians hold twice more credits than savings

GfK study results analyzing the banking and security markets in Central and Eastern Europe…

GfK: Almost half of young Romanians have insurance

Almost half (45 percent) of young Romanians aged below 30 years would have insurance…