The Minecraft Education Platform inspires Romanian students to program the secular galleries of the Alba Iulia Fortress for the centennial future

The Minecraft Education Platform inspires Romanian students to "program" the secular galleries of the Alba Iulia Fortress for the centennial future

Eighty-nine high-school and high-school teams gathered over 170 students across the country, who enrolled in the first national Minecraft for Education competition organized by the EOS Foundation within the Informatica365 project.

The first centenary of Romania is unmistakably commemorated by computer enthusiasts. Using the Microsoft MakeCode platform and repetitive structure building algorithms, the participating teams reconfigure the Alba Carolina fortress and the archaeological site of Alba Iulia, imagining virtual universes of the year 2118.

"This first competition, named by us with the code name" Edu Minecraft ", is the culmination of a complex teacher training project where teachers have learned to play Minecraft to teach computer science, especially in gymnasium classes. Through the efforts of mentors, students experience programming skills in interdisciplinary projects that combine the notion of history, entrepreneurship, physics and not only, "says Gabriela Barna, director of the EOS Foundation.

The competition is structured in four sections: grades V-VI, grades VII-VIII, grades IX-X and grades XI-XII. The jury consists of a multidisciplinary team of experts in the fields of education, IT, design and civil society. At the end of the judging round, on December 14, the winning teams in each category will be awarded in a festive setting.

The contest is organized in Informatica365, an ample project that has taken on the training of 3,300 IT teachers. The project is implemented by the EOS Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, through the Houses of the Teaching Staff, addresses especially those teachers who have begun to teach the new Informatics and ICT discipline to the gymnasium and is run with the financial support of the Microsoft YouthSpark philanthropic program.

The first edition of the Minecraft National Education Contest ("Edu Minecraft") is dedicated to commemorating the Centenary of Romania and runs under the aegis of the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, which welcomed the initiative proposed by the EOS Foundation.