The first national contest Edu Minecraft has nominated its winners

The first national contest Edu Minecraft has nominated its winners

The first edition of the Minecraft National Education Contest (Edu Minecraft) challenged 89 teams of high school and high school students from across the country to conceive the outer and inner structure of the Alba Carolina fortress in Alba Iulia.

Competitors have put Minecraft's skills into play, using Microsoft MakeCode and repetitive construction algorithms to virtualize the fortress.

It now has a fresh vision for the centennial future: underground galleries with personalized floors, some transparent, which make the archeological site worthwhile, centers of talented children, futuristic layouts of buildings for the year 2118, including a skyscraper on the roof of which the stellar structure of the fortress can be admired.

The winning teams, by category, are:

- 5th and 6th grades - the Nicolae Titulescu Theoretical High School, Olt, consisting of Roberto Cristian Dumitrescu and Alexandru Marian Calin, coordinating professor Elena Vladescu
- 7th and 8th grades - General School Brancusi, Cluj, composed of Catalin Lazar and Radu Morar, coordinating teacher Mariana Camelia Tantau
- 9th and 10th grades - CN Mihai Eminescu team, Petrosani, Hunedoara, composed of Florin Rades and Bogdan Ichim, coordinating professor Rolland Szedlacsek
- 11th and 12th grades - CN Mircea cel Batran, Rm. Valcea, consisting of Toma Nathaniel Dragusin and Radu Calomfirescu, coordinating teachers Antonia Haller and Ovidiu Dumitrescu

"As a teacher of" Physics "and" Computer Science and ICT "at gymnasium, I saw the opportunity to teach interdisciplinary. The notions about areas and volumes are sometimes difficult to understand in the 6th grade. I use Minecraft for Education to teach, and children are excited about this method.

I try to find more innovative ways of teaching, to get out of routine and to do attractive things in class, and the celebration of the Great Union seemed to me a beautiful challenge. The game attracts children out of class, and I like to work with them this way, "says Elena Vladescu, professor of physics, ICT and Informatics at Nicolae Titulescu, Slatina, Olt.

The contest was organized by the EOS Foundation, the Informatica365 project implementer. The project is ample. In 2018 he undertook the training of about 3,000 IT teachers in partnership with the Ministry of National Education through the Houses of the Teaching Staff.

The training was mainly addressed to teachers who started teaching the new Informatics and ICT in the gymnasium and is run with the financial support of the Microsoft YouthSpark philanthropic program.

"I was pleasantly surprised to see that this first edition of the Minecraft National Education Competition, which we named the code" Edu Minecraft, "has generated so much enthusiasm.
Students were encouraged from all sides to participate, especially by teachers trained in the Informatica365 program, which encouraged students to enroll in teams as large as possible. The passion for IT has united us, and we enjoy this support and thank all those who have joined our efforts, "says Gabriela Barna, director of the EOS Foundation.

The first edition of the Minecraft National Education Contest (Edu Minecraft) was dedicated to commemorating the Centenary of Romania and was run under the aegis of the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, which welcomed the initiative proposed by the EOS Foundation.