The 10th DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG is SOLD OUT!

The 10th DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG is SOLD OUT!

More than 140 people in the organizing team will be present on the route and the starting area and another 20 are part of the technical team

The 10th edition of the DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG is SOLD OUT thanks to the over 1,500 runners who openly expressed the desire to live the LIVE experience in the heart of the Carpathians with us this Saturday on Cheile Gradistei, Fundata!

Drawings of ravishing beauty, tackled prematurely by a running competition in Romania, involve hundreds of hours of preparatory work. Over 50 vehicles, trucks, ATVs and other intervention vehicles are part of the event's logistics implementation.

Translated into figures, the 10th edition of the DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG means a total of over 7,000 hours of work from a team of more than 140 people who will be present both at the event and on the route. Information about races, as well as trails, can be found here.

The start for Marathon (42 km), Semimaraton (21 km) and Stafeta (7 km) will be at 10:30, 10:31 and 10:32 right out of the Race Village, the Children's Cross will be in the afternoon at 16:30. Besides, all those present will be able to attend the pre-race heating session, scheduled at 10:20, and will have the opportunity to participate in sports activities alongside paralympic athletes on the occasion of Paralimpic Sport Day. In this action, those who will enroll in all five sports activities, table tennis, archery, field tennis, blind football and goalball will participate in a prize raffle. The complete program of the day is here.

We remind you that preparing all participants for this type of event is essential. Runners must pay attention to their physical condition, technical details, the Start / Finish area, the route, and the necessary running gear in the race. All competitors will have access to nutrition and nutrition points arranged both in the Race Village and along the trails. They are encouraged to download and read the Race Guide of the competition, which shows all the event and racing, service or logistics information, including exclusive technical details. It can be accessed here.

On 22 June, alongside the participants, there will be some of the event's supporters. Constantina Dita, Dragos Bucurenci, Dr. Serban Damian and Carmen Albisteanu will run for Semimaraton, while Mihai Morar and Otniela Sandu will team up with Daniel Kearvell in the Stafeta test. Gabriela Szabo and Chef Simona Pope will be present at the Start / Finish area to support and encourage competitors for their efforts.

DHL Carpathian Marathon's 2019 edition is organized in partnership with MPG Romania, the market leader in mass sports: "For over 21 years, MPG has been linking important brands to amateur sports community through sponsorship, consulting and a dedicated PR through logistics and sports management services. DHL Carpathian Marathon is a unique project that highlights the values ​​of sport and its strength to bring people together and help. We are happy to be part of the implementation team "(Tudor Mocuta, Event Director MPG).

All event details are available on the website www.maratondhl.ro and on the page Facebook DHL Maraton.

The event is sponsored by sponsors: Barilla, Generali, Medlife and Goldnutrition sponsors, and has supporters Alka, La Vitta, Buff Romania, Therapy by Movement, Julius Meinl, Cristim, 4x4, Recosport, Orlandos, Torockoi, Temad, Organic India, Ruvix , B-Live, Answer, Easy Plast, Porsche Inter Auto Romania, Omniperform, Runningwarehouse, Iris Broadcast Services, Arla Protein and Gradiste Gorge. Boomerang is an official partner for the Children's Cross, Banca Transilvania joins as the main sponsor of this race, and Lego and Napolact as sponsors. The companies, Design, Polach, Bachmann, Vora Invest, i-Body Romania, the Conservation Carpathia Foundation and the Smile Expert support the volunteer teams that run for the cause of the event.

Paralimpic Sports Day has sponsors Suunto, IAR and Herbagetica, and the official partner of this event is Kaufland Romania: "Social responsibility programs are a key component of Kaufland Romania's strategy, and health is one of the pillars of community investment. The company is involved in projects that deliver both the sport and the movement, as well as the health care of every person. "

We give thanks to the authorities: Piatra Craiului National Park, Romsilva, Center of Romania - CSTP, Carpathian Convention, Brasov County Council, Conservation Carpathia Foundation and Ministry of Youth and Sports for the support and facilities offered to the event, but also to the partners of the National Paralympic Committee, RoClubMarathon, SuperFit Center and Let's Do It Romania, and Bucharest International 10K, Brasov Marathon, International Marathon Brasov and Elite Running as partner events.

We thank the media partners who joined the event and support us in the promotion campaign: Radio ZU, News.ro, Telekom Sport, Adrenallina, Business Review, Business Cover, Sunt-in-forma.ro, 4run.ro, Alerg. ro, Brasov TV, Sport News, FitReport and GOKID.ro.