Strategic HR Event 2019: Trends and solutions to the labor market crisis

Strategic HR Event 2019: Trends and solutions to the labor market crisis

The main trends and challenges in the field of human resources for this year will be discussed within HR Strategic 2019 on March 19th.

The event is organized by HR Manager Magazine, at DB Connect, an innovative space in Bucharest, starting at 08:30.

We will discuss the labor market crisis and seek answers to questions such as "How can I bring good people to my company? and "How can I keep my talents in my company?"

It will also talk about technology, digitization and artificial intelligence, but also about the fact that, regardless of the level of automation of the working processes, the biggest investment of companies must be in people.

The mission of HR to find, develop and place the right man in the right place becomes even more challenging for companies with thousands of employees, dozens of skills, attitudes and personal values.

During the conference, there will be more sessions of presentations, case studies, and Q & A sessions. Among the topics covered include:

  • Leadership is where people engage!
  • HR, your oxygen mask first!  As a strategist of the talent experience of your company, as a leader of your team and an agent of change in the market, your development takes precedence. What are the key competencies you need in business?
  • HR in the digital age: What tools and concepts do we use?
  • Challenges in recruiting in 2019 on the Romanian labor market (Panel with HR Directors from major companies)
  • What solutions do exist to reduce staff shortages?
  • Is recruiting a strategic process? How to streamline recruitment processes and invest in the employer brand to recruit talent.
  • How do we increase employee engagement?
  • How does fluctuation of personnel on the Romanian labor market evolve? What measures can companies take to reduce fluctuation?
  • About continuing to transform HR in Business Partner into your company

The speakers are:

  • Andreea Mihnea - HR Director Romania and Moldova, SEE Talent Leader, EY Romania;
  • Gabriel Chirvase, HR Director - Secom;
  • Madi Radulescu - Executive Coach (PCC) and Managing Partner of MMM Consulting Intl .;
  • Andrei Dunuta - Sales & Public Speaking Trainer and Founder, SPEAKINGS POWERED BY SELFTRUST Academy;
  • Aurelian Chitez - Sales Director, Romanian Software;
  • Alexandru Bobulescu - Manager, Talent Acquisition, Harman Romania.

Approximately 80-90 HR Managers, Recruitment Managers, Talent Acquistion Managers, OD Managers, L & D Managers and HRBP will participate in the event from companies with various fields of activity.

More details about participation and sign-ups can be found here: https://revistacariere.ro/eveniment-cariere/hr-strategic-2019/