Smart ID Dynamics is the Partner of the year 2018 for SEE & CEE at the Zebra Technologies Partners Regional Summit

Smart ID Dynamics is the "Partner of the year 2018" for SEE & CEE at the Zebra Technologies Partners Regional Summit

Smart ID Dynamics, the market leader in the enterprise mobility solutions segment in Romania, received the "Partner of the Year 2018" award for Central and Eastern Europe at the Zebra Technologies Partners Regional Summit held this year in Vienna.

The award is a recognition of the results on the Romanian market - turnover, innovation, expertise, loyalty and flexibility.

''The market leader for Central and South-Eastern Europe is a recognition of the investments we have made over time in an absolutely innovative business model in the Romanian market. Such an innovation has allowed us to build internal competitive advantages, at the level of our own processes and solutions developed by our technology hub in Romania and Moldova, impossible to copy by the main competitors. At the external level, we have always relied on flexibility and agility, the speed of reaction to market dynamics, the changes in customer behavior and the "me too" competition. We firmly believe that we are among the few companies in the market that have gained incredible competitive advantages in anticipation of changes in the market, changes that have always been found in the continuous reinvention of the business model for the benefit of our customers, " said Daniel Boangiu, Managing Partner Smart ID Dynamics Romania & Moldova.

SmartID Dynamics delivers robust software and integrated professional services with robust mobile computers, barcode scanners and barcode printers that provide real-time visibility to organization processes. The company was set up in 2010 by Daniel Boangiu and Romeo Iacob, experts with more than 20 years of experience in mobility, achieved a turnover in 2018 of over 15 million EURO and a net profit of more than 1.3 mil Euro.

Smart ID Dynamics currently has 100 employees and collaborators, holds the largest and most stable team of certified market specialists, the result of a program of investment and development of the management team constantly, over the 8 years of existence on the Romanian market.

The team of Smart ID Dynamics consultants is specialized in mobile enterprise application development, solutions for data collection in real time applied to industrial environment (IoT), traceability, inventory management, asset management, incident management, warehouse control systems, retail tax solutions, etc. With incredible innovations in the Smart ID Dynamics consulting industry, it is among the top companies that offer flexibility, agility and rapid implementation of measurable business solutions.

"The recognition we enjoyed at the Regional Summit of Zebra Technologies in Vienna is a certification of our market leadership position, especially our innovation-focused strategy and the emerging needs of our customers in the markets we cover in present. We will continue to focus in the future on developing the partnership with Zebra Technologies, developing our partnership with our customers, and continually adapting and innovating in the business model. We thank our customers, multinational companies and local companies for the confidence they have given us over time".