Open for Talent - the new employer brand campaign launched by KPMG in Romania

"Open for Talent" - the new employer brand campaign launched by KPMG in Romania

KPMG in Romania announces a new employer brand campaign with the message "Open for Talent". The campaign encourages the expression of the individuality, the originality and the personality of the potential employees and brings to the forefront an important dimension of the KPMG brand: flexibility.

The new KPMG employer brand campaign in Romania aims to highlight a less perceived side of the company among potential employees, talking about diversity, creativity and flexibility.

"Open for Talent is the signal given by KPMG in Romania to bold people who want to develop a career in areas such as audit, tax consultancy, legal advice, business consultancy, information technology. This campaign is different from what we have launched so far, and that's because we wanted to go on an original idea that includes our way of being open to new, to creativity, to technology , flexible and eager to work with people with personality, with whom we can grow, "says Madalina Racovitan, Partner KPMG.

The idea of ​​the campaign started from the inherent need of people to express themselves. At work, employees can do so both through their abilities and passions, but also through the clothes they wear. Therefore, KPMG has chosen a clothing detail to speak creatively about the company's flexibility.

"As the slogan of our campaign says," We are Open for Talent." This means we do not look at a pattern, an "ideal candidate", but candidates with various passions, knowledge and expectations. We are looking for potential, motivation, adaptability, interest in continuous learning and technology. In most cases, motivation compensates for the lack of knowledge gained during the faculty, so the attitude and the courage to follow their own development pathway will prevail over specific knowledge. We are looking for talent, "subtle rebels" and we encourage the expression of personality among employees and potential employees, "continues Alina Gheuca, Manager - People, Performance & Culture.

The first recruitment machine

In this campaign, KPMG puts the candidate and technology face to face, through a slot machine that can be used in real-time by students, starting in mid-March. It will be placed, in turn, within several universities in Bucharest, but also within the industry events that the company will be present during this year.Through this slot machine, potential entrants will respond to a personalized short questionnaire that will match their profile to their role.

An element of originality is given by the fact that, once the questionnaire was run, the slot machine offers the candidates a customized box containing a colored sock created by a Romanian producer; the pair sock will be received at the company's presentation stand, where they can learn more about existing employment opportunities within KPMG.

Jobs available during the "Open for Talent" campaign can be found HERE, the benefits and opportunities for development that many employees can enjoy: Millennial Non-Executive Board, Vocational Workshops, Emotional Balance Workshops, flexible Work Schedule, formal training dedicated to each specialization, multiple professional qualifications, access to a great variety of projects and clients in all areas of activity, the ability to develop relevant skills for the future and, last but not least, an extraordinary team.