IQFix – Cosmos Group’s new venture into repair service solutions

IQFix – Cosmos Group’s new venture into repair service solutions

Cosmos Group, one of Romania’s top telecom industry companies, has launched IQFix, a reliable, convenient and fast service point for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and connected accessories

Open 7 days per week, IQFix delivers a full range of repair services to out-of-warranty devices in record time and provides customers with a 6 months guarantee to all repairs. Being part of Cosmos Group, IQFix is an agile company, capable of adapting to fast technological evolutions and customer needs, while offering a trustworthy repair service, at an affordable price.


With an initial investment of 80.000 euro, Cosmos Group’s new venture aims to make high quality, credible and fast repairs easily accessible to everyone, regardless of type of devices or defect. The store is an interesting experience, built as a see-through open space lab where you can follow the repair process of your particular device.


No matter if it is about support for the major smartphone brands, the newest of market entries or various accessories, IQFix’s technical team can solve hardware problems such as broken parts or water damage as well as software installations, secure data transfers & back-up, antivirus cleaning and more. IQFix customers receive their product diagnostics for free and, as an incentive, the company provides repeat clients with a discount in case a certain product requires service for more than one defects.


“IQFix offers a solution to customers who expect more. Our focus on high-quality lab equipment and spare parts, as well as on a very specialised team, drives us to come with a competitive proposal: superior quality services in record time with minimum physical and financial effort from our clients. All of that while covered by the 6 months guarantee for any piece used in our repairs. This is how we intend to create a long-term relationship of trust with our customers” stated, Panagiotis Koklas IQFix General Manager.


„We believe this is an important moment of disruption for the mobile technical assistance industry where we are usually asked to wait a while when facing a problem with our respective devices. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are now essential to our lives, professional or not, and major developers always work on making them faster and more efficient. Ironically, things tend to slow down when facing a problem. Even for the most common of issues such as a broken touchscreen, recovery times could reach up to 15 days from an authorised service center” continued Mr. Koklas.


The first IQFix concept store is located in Piata Victoriei’s America House in Bucharest, with national coverage possible through a unique delivery system. IQFix offers clients an at-home courier collection and delivery service for free. Broken phone screens or defect devices are no longer a source of concern, as every operation is optimized to reduce the time a person would spend when confronted with a technical issue. Moreover, as a Cosmos Group organization, IQFix offers customers the ability to deliver the defective product to any of IQBox’s 20 stores in Timisoara, Constanta, Brasov, Galati, Ploiesti, Braila, Baia Mare, Targu Jiu and Giurgiu.


Throughout its 12-year history in Romania, Cosmos Group has gained an in depth understanding of current market needs and future evolution. We invest in a highly trained team, creative telecom projects and in specialized services that improve people’s lives and bring the future closer, one step at a time. With IQFix we want to introduce new professional standards to the service market, while also being flexible, adapting rapidly to our clients’ needs and to the fast-technological evolution. Being a part of Cosmos Group, IQFix is able to offer its clients a reliable, convenient and affordable repair service solution”, says Leonidas Anastasopoulos, CEO Cosmos Group


IQFix’s first open-lab concept store is open 7 days a week, from Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00 and Saturday-Sunday 10:00-18:00. Additionally service requests can be made online 24/7 on www.iqfix.ro; www.facebook.com/iqfix.ro