How costly is environmental compliance?

Deloitte organized last week “How costly is environmental compliance?” a seminar on environmental compliance

This is the first seminar of a series of events meant to discuss the real costs and opportunities of environmental compliance, as well as to serve as a platform for discussion and interaction amongst participants in this area, as they face similar challenges.


The series aims at exploring solutions for strengthening safeguards to prevent damage to the environment, at analysing the challenges of meeting environmental requirements and also at identifying cost-efficient and operational solutions. The first seminar looked at case studies and analysed the relationship with competent environmental protection authorities.


“Our law practice has several initiatives with respect to Environment & Climate Change, aimed to meet our clients’ growing needs in this area.”, said Partner Alexandru Reff.


The new environmental taxes entering into force starting 1 January 2014werealso presented during the event. The taxes on packaging and industrial oils were the most discussed due to their complexity and their large applicability. “The new contributions to the Environment Fund are intended to stimulate the prevention and recycling of the waste” said Daniela Neagoe, Senior Consultant at Customs & Global Trade in Deloitte’s Tax practice


The first event gathered large players from the energy, manufacturing and of various businesses influenced by environmental policies. “As with other areas, environmental law compliance implies a constant focus, requiring accurate data and periodical self-assessments in order to identify and correct potential deficiencies. But on the long term, companies benefit from such approach, as the cost of control and preventive measures is always lower than that of remediation activities” said Adina Gutiu, Senior Associate in Deloitte’s Legal practice and coordinator of the Environment & Climate Change practice area,


Reff & Associates and Deloitte Romania provide comprehensive, integrated solutions related to environmental challenges that companies face as they adapt to a changing regulatory environment, to political, economic and market pressure and to technological development as “going green” becomes a global priority.