EBRD, Allianz-Tiriac Insurance and Kompass share business ideas to Romanian managers

EBRD, Allianz-Tiriac Insurance and Kompass share business ideas to Romanian managers

Business leaders from internationally successful companies and institutions such as the EBRD, Allianz-Tiriac Insurance and Kompass will share ideas in a series of conferences titled Business Evolution - Next Level to grow Romanian companies and employees.

The meetings between multinational companies managers and business participants will take place in 6 cities (Targu-Mures, Ploieşti, Sibiu, Craiova, Galati and Bucharest) from April to October.

Next to corporation leaders on the stage will also be experts and other professional consultants of successful SMEs to present ideas that can improve management and leadership development.

The first conference will be in Targu-Mures, on April 10, at Privo Hotel, where managers from key departments such as IT, Sales, HR, Marketing, Finance, Procurement, Logistics etc. are invited to join.

Registration is open until April 9 on this link and is free for two representatives of each company.

The Business Evolution - Next Level conference series is organized by Doingbusiness.ro in partnership with local institutions and national companies. Events provide business people the opportunity to learn relevant and useful insights.

"The need for continous learning combined with the familiarization of tactics and access to the right tools contributes substantially to the success of any business. The role of Business Evolution - Next Level conferences is to support business with practical expertise and solutions on the one hand and to create new business relationships between supply and demand on the other. Quality networking is another valuable component alongside knowledge in these meetings", explained Dumitru ION, CEO of Doingbusiness.ro

Agenda and details on Business Evolution - Next Level can be found on Doingbusiness.ro under the Events section.