Doingbusiness.ro launches Business to more Business national conference in Bucharest and other 10 big cities in Romania

On 10 March 2016, Doingbusiness.ro starts the series of national conference called Business to more Business.

The new series of events in 2016 continues SMES Restart national project, successfully developed in 2015, and marks the sixth consecutive year of national events dedicated to management and business development tools.


This new series of conferences organized by Doingbusiness.ro starts in Brasov on 10 March , 2016 and continues with events in Iasi (23 March), Arad (April 7th), Pitesti (April 14th), Sibiu (26th), Constanta ( June 16th), Cluj and Galati (October), Ploiesti and Oradea (November) and Bucharest.


"'Business to more Business represents the next step and a natural evolution of our series of successful events organized at a national level and our goal in 2016 is to bring forth to the local business communities the most important economic issues.", stated Dumitru Ion, CEO Doingbusiness.ro.



For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.