DENT ESTET Sibiu 6 months of activity: doctors manage more and more cases of implantology and aesthetic dentistry with high level of complexity

DENT ESTET Sibiu 6 months of activity: doctors manage more and more cases of implantology and aesthetic dentistry with high level of complexity

Approximately 30% of patients in DENT ESTET clinics in Sibiu come from counties and cities in the region

The two DENT ESTET clinics in Sibiu, inaugurated at the end of last year, registered 1,520 patients and 5,700 visits after the first six months of activity. The clinics, one for adults and the other for children, already show an important contribution to the whole business, the number of patients exceeding 100% of the initial expectations in the children's clinic and 50% in the adult clinic.

At the same time, there is a strong affluence of the number of patients looking for complex solutions of aesthetics and dental implantology. At the same time, the degree of information of the patients is increasing and among the parents there is a constant concern for solving the dental problems of their children from the early ages.

"For more than 20 years we have shown that we are a landmark in dentistry in Romania, which is confirmed by the high dynamics of the difficult cases already managed by our doctors in Sibiu. Complex cases benefit from the mixed expertise of some teams that also include physicians from our clinics in Bucharest. Mentoring remains one of our fundamental values ​​and we are continually working on the training, development and professional consolidation of our team of specialists from Sibiu. And the fact that each case is managed by an integrated team of specialists, not by itself, represents a guarantee of time efficiency, safe and efficient treatments, "says Dr. Oana Taban, Founder & CEO of Dent Estet Group.

More than 600 patients have passed the threshold of the DENT ESTET Sibiu clinic for adults from the beginning to the present. Nearly 30% of the total number of patients come from neighboring cities and counties, such as Alba, Valcea, Hunedoara, Mures and even Cluj. At the same time, there is an increasing trend in the interest in dental tourism in Sibiu, the number of patients abroad coming to DENT ESTET clinics from here to follow complex dental treatments is getting bigger.

"We enjoy the trust of doctors and patients in Sibiu and we observe a tendency to increase the number of patients  coming from neighboring counties. Thus, our mission is to make our mission to make Sibiu an advised choice and a benchmark in the field of top-level dental treatments. Our responsible business model, the permanent exchange of experience and know-how among our physicians, as well as constant investment in the latest technologies define our activity, so that the main beneficiaries of our efforts are patients, "says Dr. Oana Taban.

Regarding the activity of the DENT ESTET 4 Kids Sibiu clinic, the only clinic in the region addressed exclusively to children, the first six months of the opening have recorded a spectacular dynamics that exceeded the initial expectations. Over 900 patients have been enrolled since inauguration to date, demonstrating that patients are increasingly concerned about their dental health.

The value of the investment in the two clinics in Sibiu amounts to almost two million euros. Among the endowments of the Dent Estet Sibiu Clinic for adults is the first integrated radiology center in a dental clinic in Sibiu, fully equipped and digitized, including CBCT (computed tomograf from KaVo OP 3D ™ (Germany).

The cumulative area of ​​the two DENT ESTET clinics in Sibiu is about 1,000 square meters (DENT ESTET for adults - 750 sqm, DENT ESTET 4 Kids - 200 sqm) and they have 12 dental units together (seven in the adult clinic and five in the for the children). Part of the technologies brought in the premiere in Sibiu: 3Shape Trios Real Color (Denmark) intraoral scanner, software for surgical wizard, LEICA M320 F12 electronic microscope (Germany), Future Smile digital photo studio 3D diagnostic studio, intraoral dental cameras, EPIC BIOLASE Dental Laser (USA)

At the same time, DENT ESTET clinics in Sibiu, Bucharest and Timisoara are the only dental clinics in the country where the CHARISMA platform is implemented, which among other things helps to optimize the personalized services provided to patients.