Business (r)Evolution Conference in Brasov, Digitization - Trend or Tsunami? How does digitization transform Romania's economy in 2018

Business (r)Evolution Conference in Brasov, Digitization - Trend or Tsunami? How does digitization transform Romania's economy in 2018

More than 1,000 entrepreneurs and managers have joined the National Business Conference (r) Evolution to define the path to a digital future.

The Business (r) Evolution - Digitalization, Trend, or Tsunami conference series, organized by DoingBusiness.ro, brought together more than 1000 entrepreneurs, managers and business people through the regional events in Oradea, Constanta, Bucharest, Iasi and Brasov.

Is digitization a trend or a tsunami?

"It is a trend that comes as a tsunami and involves creative destruction, innovation and opportunities embedded in the digital future - this is the conclusion to the question we asked Business Participants in Evolution," said Dumitru Ion - CEO DoingBusiness.ro. "Through the event in Brasov we end the National Conference 2018, where we met the most publicly interactive public until now, dynamized by the opportunities brought by digitization," Dumitru Ion also said.

The conference in Brasov was opened by Daniela Marin - Principal Manager of EBRD, who showed entrepreneurs how to access business consulting - strategic management, marketing, sales, etc. - with free funds, business and how to ensure their survival followed by improving profitability.

Laura Sachelarie - Senior Segment Manager Telekom Romania presented to the participants personalized solutions for every industry vertical, whether we are talking about transportation, logistics, retail, financial, education or health. IoT, connectivity, security and protection, integrated digitization solutions, promotion - are services that companies can easily use to develop their business today.

Raluca Vintila - Corporate Manager - Groupama Asigurari has exclusively exposed to businessmen present at Business (r) Evolution a unique barometer of risks that can be covered by insurance, be it financial, market, infrastructure or even risks reputational.

The solutions derived exclusively from the digital era and the certain prevention tools derived from technology have also prompted the interest of the participants.

What's next in insurance? Subscribing to artificial intelligence tools or using drone - is just a few examples of the digital future.

Participants at the Brasov conference found out about: social sales - as a new business development tool; RPA - who creates the perfect "employee" who works 24 out of 24, 7 days out of 7, does not want holidays and free days, does not get sick (Dumitru Ion - Kompass Romania CEO); new tactics and tools at hand in digital marketing in the post-GDPR era (Tudor Galos - Tudor Galos Consulting); the barometer of digitization in Romania (Alexandra Cernian - Valoria) and accelerated sales solutions (Ozana Giusca - CEO Tooliers).

Allan Kleynhans, an international speaker, joined the Business (r) Evolution audience to show what leadership means in the era of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution. In a workshop full of energy, vitality and value, for two hours the participants had the opportunity to (re) discover how they can personally develop in order to lead their teams to performance.

The main partner of the event in Brasov was Telekom Romania and its partners were Groupama Asigurari, EBRD, Allan Kleynhans International, Edenred, Valoria, Ozana - Smarter Profits Faster, Tudor Galos Consulting, Kompass Romania.

Qubiq Digital Solutions, Samsung Club and the Association of Hungarian Economists from Romania were the support organizations of the event. The media partners of the Conference were Agerpres, Business24, Careers, CFNET, Financial Market, Business Journal, Transilvania Business, spatiulconstruit.ro, ziare.com, eventsBiz, Invest Club, Events Calendar, RBE Connect, Prbox.ro, StarFM, Fagaras Day.

"We have some conclusions after this National Conference, which will continue in 2019", said Dumitru Ion - CEO DoingBusiness.ro & Kompass Romania. First of all, digital transformation is an organizational imperative to open a boulevard towards profitability. On the other hand, investments in digitization are both for defending market position, but also a way for new opportunities through innovation. In the context of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, the competitors we know are yesterday, we do not know tomorrow, because we are talking about very dynamic companies that use fully the information produced by the assets connected throughout the business chain, until effective decision making ", said Dumitru Ion, CEO DoingBusiness.ro