1 of 4 QuickMobile.ro customers choose to pay online by card

The share of online payments by card on QuickMobile.ro in 2015 was almost three times higher than the national average

In 2015, a quarter of the QuickMobile.ro customers have chosen to pay online by card. The share of this method of payment (26%) has increased significantly from 2014, when it stood at 15%, and was almost three times higher than the national average, which stood at around 9%.


Thus, last year, 69% of QuickMobile.ro customers have chosen cash on delivery, while 26% have opted for online payment by card. Also, 3% have opted for payment with a Gift Card, and the remaining 2% have opted for the payment order, Bitcoin or PayPal.


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.