Industry 4.0 – Connecting everything

Industry 4.0 – Connecting everything

We witness nowadays the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, where machines tools, people, information and resources are fully connected in cyber-physical systems.

Such factor is the energy saving. Saving energy actions impact our business strategy on a short, medium and long term but, in the same time, it also represents a major aspect considered by consumers. The energy consumption should be kept under control, this is a fact and, lately, I observed an increased interest for this matter while the approach towards energy saving is positive.

For instance, in 2012, more and more clients expressed their opinion towards energy saving and environment-friendly solutions.
Therefore, we implemented technical solutions in order to generate more efficiency for our operations. Practically, we integrated heat recovery systems even in existing installation, not only in the new delivered concepts. For several years, we have connected the compressors in order to communicate the operating date via M2M (machine-to-machine) by generating reports. Data can be analysed in real time and, the most important thing, it enables deciding on the most appropriate action in short time.
Nowadays more consumers are aware about the impact that compressed air systems have on the environment as they also produce a very expensive form of energy. Unfortunately, few important users of compressed air systems and big industrial players take into account the environment impact of these equipments.
Considering the fact that investment cost for a compressed air system is only about 25 percent from the total life cost, we focused even more in creating the most efficient configurations based on the very economic single components. Furthermore, having the most effective (and therefore the most elaborated) products is not enough for achieving the best possible result. The complete system must fit to the actual air demand of our customers.
Predictive maintenance is another important aspect to be considered in daily activities, in order to minimise the unexpected costs impacting the customers.
Therefore, in 2012, a major part of our operations targeted the service solutions.
We have 13 service and maintenance engineers and technicians on the field backed up by a strong indoor support team.
For 2013, we expect to have a moderate increased T/O in 2013 and to keep our profitability rate on a positive level. But the most important target is to keep our team Opinion Industry 4.0 – strong and to service our customers in a proper manner.
Another aspect to be considered is related to the auction practice. Currently, the auction methodology and procedures might include a certain specification without considering energy saving and environment- oriented solutions. In this case, there is nothing to do; in most of such cases, an inefficient product will be selected and even worse, a cheap solution will be chosen. Fortunately, the market will dictate the further expectations in terms of purchasing industrial equipments solutions and, step by step, the cost-effective, modern and environment-oriented solutions will gain ground.
Of course, in terms of doing business, 2012 was a difficult year especially for construction companies, representing a major part of our consumers, the lack of investments all over the economy, the fall of real estate field and, overall, the low new business and expansions, delivered the premises to crossing another difficult year.
Also, the fact that macro economy data didn’t post a visible evolution this year, reflected in business environment, didn’t help to the economy landscape. Such context pushed our company, as supplier for industrial equipments to adjust to the current context and find proper solutions.