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Roland Berger study: Artificial intelligence will significantly influence the competitiveness of insurance companies in the next 3-5 years - 2 out of 3 players in the EU consider the topic of strategi

The differences in competitiveness will be accentuated following the implementation of artificial intelligence

Roland Berger study: Women in leadership positions in the digital age

Gender equality in Romania continues to be a topic that still is a controversial,…

Romanian manufacturing competitiveness in the context of Industry 4.0

While deindustrialization has been an ongoing trend across most European countries for decades, Industry…

A new Roland Berger study reveals that autologous cars and those with electric propulsion enjoy a high level of acceptance among consumers globally

The car industry and assembly processes go through some of the most major structural…

Oil producing countries forecast a price of Barrel of ~ $ 55

Both institutes and oil producing countries are expecting an increase in crude oil price…


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A mix of recovery and growth

2014 will most probably bring further economic growth, but the financial crisis will continue…

Making the transition from low-cost to innovation

When it comes to Romania and innovation I remain true to my belief that,…


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Roland Berger launches the first electromobility index in Romania - Romanian E-mobility Index (REI)

The purchase of electric vehicles becomes economically beneficial for durations longer than 5 years,…

Start-ups in the field of Artificial Intelligence take on the role of innovation promoters: Europe must act to establish a competitive ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence (IA) can become an important leverage of economic competitiveness.

Smart City Strategy Index Study

The economical perspective is positive for companies, the request for solutions of digitalization of…