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Gadgets, increasingly popular amongst Romanians

Consumer demand for drones, fit bracelets or robots increased by 150% in 2016

Samsung, Apple and BlackBerry, the most used smartphones for work

According to Quickmobile, the biggest technology specialist on the local market, Romanian companies buy…

Women are looking for gadgets that can monitor their home and health

According to QuickMobile, the largest technology specialist in Romania, the most important aspect for…

How much parents have to pay this fall for their children’s gadgets and devices

The 3 most important gadgets for young people start from RON 1,550


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HTC One M10, brought in preview in Romania by QuickMobile.ro

HTC One M10, the phone which is said that would be the most powerful…

iPhone SE, available to preorder in Romania through QuickMobile.ro

iPhone SE, Apple's newest smartphone, can be preordered in Romania through QuickMobile.ro, which included…

How much the customers have spent on smart watches in 2015

Top smartwatches purchased by the Romanians in 2015

1 of 4 QuickMobile.ro customers choose to pay online by card

The share of online payments by card on QuickMobile.ro in 2015 was almost three…

QuickMobile launches the „Reductions month” with discounts up to 30% off for Apple, Samsung, Sony and HTC products

Throughout January, QuickMobile, the biggest technology expert in Romania, launches a campaign of discounts…