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Cross-border e-commerce is one of the fastest growth opportunities in retail, according to DHL report

Cross-border online retail predicted to grow at twice the rate of domestic e-commerce (CAGR:…

Demand for international express remains buoyant in 2016 and beyond

Healthy competition leads to better quality demands placed upon providers, and better levels of…

Internationalisation – a driver for business performance

In an exacting economic environment, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have been presented…


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Romanian economy,  well set on the road to sustainable growth

The direction of the country remains positive, in our view, and the opportunities far…

A stable growth for the courier and delivery industry in 2014

Consumers are becoming more demanding and require higher levels of flexibility from logistics providers

Investment will remain a key

The ‘new normal’ in Romania, as in other EU countries, will be characterized by…

Focused on SME growth

There are around 5,000 customers in the portfolio of courier and logistics company DHL…


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The 10th DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG is SOLD OUT!

More than 140 people in the organizing team will be present on the route…

The number 10 edition of the DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG has many supporters!

Partnership with the National Paralympic Committee continues in 2019 for the fifth consecutive year

DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG continues to fight for the dreams of Romanian paralympics

A relay team consisting of paralympic athletes will start on June 22 in the…

DHL Carpathian Marathon offers the chance of a 10th adventure at the 10th   anniversary edition!

The event supports, for the fifth consecutive year, the National Paralympic Committee

Almost 1,500 registered runners and over 15,000 Euros gathered at the 9th DHL Carpathian Marathon!

International participation: Runners from 10 countries have enjoyed the DHL Carpathian Marathon experience.