EJobs Study: 4 years, average duration spent by Romanian employees on a job

EJobs Study: 4 years, average duration spent by Romanian employees on a job

The high fluctuation rate of employees is one of the main problems faced by Romanian companies.

The large number of jobs available on the market and the increase in job vacancy expectations led to a dramatic drop in the average time spent by an employee in the same company. Thus, according to the latest eJobs survey, the largest online recruitment platform on the local market, Romanian employees stay on average for 4 years in a job, after which they choose to make a career change.

As expected, the most frequent moves take place on the segment of young employees, those born between 1980-1995 (Millenial Generation) and those born after 1995 (Generation Z).
In the case of the former, employers should expect to leave after 2.7 years in the company. The lower the average age, the lower their stability level - so that young people who have just entered the labor market in the last five years, they get used to looking for another job after about a year in a company.

"These statistics are also explained by the fact that young people are looking, first and foremost, for the accumulation of experience and do not have that fear of changing and adapting to the new generations. When I get an offer she thinks better, sometimes even with a lower salary, she accepts it because she sees the potential to grow in her career, "says Bogdan Badea, eJobs Romania CEO.

Significantly more stable are employees belonging to Generation X, that is, those who are now between 38 and 48 years old. On average, they spend 4.2 years on a job and make the decision to leave much harder than the very young.

"We are talking about a generation in the professional maturity range, many of them have management functions, have personal financial obligations that do not allow them to make hasty decisions, and therefore they are very careful when doing such a move.
For them, the list of criteria to be ticked is much longer and extends over several levels: looking for a good financial offer, stability, management functions, a good reputation for the employer, looking at the distance between home and office, and and so on. They are less willing to concessions and therefore more stable, "explains Bogdan Badea.

The most stable are, as the eJobs research shows, employees who have exceeded the 50-year threshold. They reach an average period spent in the same company for over 13 years, namely, 13.3 years. Lack of confidence in their own strengths, but also the fear of adapting to a new team and a new working environment are the main criteria for choosing only in extreme cases to make a career change.

Statistics in Romania do not differ greatly from international ones, where the average of all age brackets is 4.2 years, down from 4.6 years as it was in 2014.